Adel M.

Desert Wood is an Art Gallery company in Dubai.

We have been in operation since 1989 and in this period we have been providing high-quality and cost-effective picture-framing services to individuals, corporations, and the hotel industry.

With our wide range of frames, mirrors & high-quality prints, we can anticipate and closely follow market trends and client base with something special for everyone.

Fine Arts Edition in a wide variety of styles from abstract, figurative, landscape still life, flowers, children, …, will be created with our graphic or painting artist.

With a group of enthusiastic employees, we take care of our daily production, and sales and keep on growing and expanding.

How I Started My



I am Adel Mohammadi, born on May 22, 1985, from Iran. I have been living in Dubai since 1987 and started my artistic career in 2003.


 Despite facing opposition and numerous constraints, I have always dreamt of this career. My strong belief in the uniqueness of my works, which stems from the depths of my emotions, has driven me to devote all my focus and resources to creating and advancing works that are contemporary and diverse.


I have always envisioned creating local and global markets and have endeavored to realize my capabilities through imagination, something I take pride in. I am Adel Mohammadi, someone who portrays life from a positive and unique perspective on the frame.